Resin Bound Surfaces

What is Resin Bound?

Resin bound surfacing ensures each stone is coated in a specialist resin then the aggregate is trowelled by hand to ensure a smooth finish to the required depth - usually between 15mm - 20mm. Ideal for driveways, paths, patios and areas where you want low maintinence and maximum results. Our resin bound driveways and paths look great when edged with a stone, brick, timber or steel edging to create a clean finish. With 15 shades and a variety of sizes to choose from you will be spoilt for choice!


What are the benefits?

The porous nature of a resin bound drive ensure that water is able to drain through to the base, which helps to reduce pools of water sitting on the surface. This allows the water to feed surrounding planted areas or trees in close proximity. In line with Sustainable Drainage Systems Regulations (SuDS) which are designed to minimize the potential of flooding.


Where can it be used?
  • Driveways and car parks

  • Conservatories (internal use)

  • Gardens, gazebos and water features

  • Tree pits (see below)

  • Patios, Terraces and Roof Gardens

  • Schools and playgrounds

  • Hot tub and swimming pool surounds

  • Concourses and promenades

  • Showrooms, shops and reception areas

Benefits of Resin Bound
  • No loose stones

  • Smooth, Natural looking appearance

  • Alternative to paving

  • Wheelchair friendly

  • SuDS compliant - Highly permeable

  • UV Stable (non yellowing of resin)

  • Recycled aggregate available

Tree Pits

Resin bound tree pits are very strong yet flexible allowing the tree to grow.

The resin bonded surface is permeable therefore the trees get the water they need to grow.


Wearability & Guarantee

Resin bound surfacing is ideal for driveways and paths to create a professional finish. High impact

points and the use of power steering when turning on the spot may cause localised damage the

surface and we would suggest regular maintenance reviews of these areas.


Shades of Aggregate

Our aggregate comes in 15 shade to create the perfect look. Recycled aggregates are also available,
please contact us for more information.


Sandy Shaw

Red River




Angular Buff



Grey Mist


Jet Black

Rustic Gold



Dessert Gold

Due to the nature of this product, we are not always able to fully control the colours and sizes or shapes of the aggregate although every care is taken to ensure minimal variation. All our aggregates are supplied by The Resin Mill, Brighouse, West Yorkshire.