Rubber Crumb Surfacing

What is Rubber Crumb?

Rubber crumb surfaces are perfect for playgrounds, schools and public areas like parks. The rubber based nature of this product ensures safety and minimises the risk of injury if anyone should fall on it . Mixing rubber crumb with a polyurathane resin ensures a porous surface with a smooth and seamless finish. The rubber granules come in a wide variety of colours so you can be very creative with your design. You can incorporate different patterns, wording and numbers into different coloured sections.


What are the benefits?

Water is able to drain through to the base, which helps to reduce pools of water sitting on the surface. This allows the water to feed surrounding planted areas or trees in close proximity. 


Where can it be used?
  • Children's playgrounds and play areas

  • Footpaths and garden paths

  • Driveways

  • School sports areas

  • Athletic tracks, tennis and basketball courts


Benefits of Rubber Crumb
  • Weatherproof,

  • Porous surface, fast draining

  • Child friendly and very safe

  • Impact absorbing surface

  • Highly resistant to rust, oil and salt

  • Extremely durable and cost effective

  • Non slip surface

  • Variety of colours

Wearability & Guarantee

All our work is backed by a 10 Year Guarantee. Rubber crumb surfacing is ideal for playgrounds and underfoot to create a colourful and professional finish. High impact points may cause localised damage the surface and we would suggest regular maintenance reviews.


Shades of Rubber Crumb

Rubber crumb comes in many shades to create your desired look. You can incorporate different colours, patterns, words and shapes in your design for the perfect finish.

Rubber Crumb
Rubber Crumb
Rubber Crumb

Egg Shell






Light Green

Dark Green

Light Blue

Dark Blue


Earth Yellow